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WHAT IS Realtime

Realtime is receiving a live feed of the proceedings whether you are in the same location as the reporter or remote.  What you receive is a draft transcript that has not yet been edited or proofread by the court reporter.  The realtime reporter, due to their extra training and experience, can provide you with a readable and useful transcript on the spot.


This is useful in the following ways:
  • You can search the live testimony.

  • You can mark and annotate the live testimony for follow-up.

  • You have a draft transcript.  While not suitable for citing, you can immediately use it to prepare for continued proceedings. Note-taking is reduced to a minimum.

  • Streaming to offsite associates, paralegals, clients, and other approved participants.  All you need is a session code and password, and any of your team members can access the realtime feed.


Dicta uses CaseViewNet as its wireless realtime software.  Each party receiving realtime will be provided with a session code and a password.  Anyone with this information can login to receive the feed.  They do not need to be on location to view the realtime.   It can be viewed on an Android tablet, iPad, desktop, or laptop.

Realtime Technology Skills

Quality realtime is an exceptional skill.  Court Reporters who provide usable realtime have learned a “conflict-free” theory.  They continuously build their software translation dictionaries so possible words, names, places, or events that may be mentioned will translate correctly.  They have worked diligently on this craft, honing their ability to speedily process information, as well as mastering the technology involved. 


An expert realtime reporter has built a full dictionary, or steno-matching system, composed of common words, names, and subject-matter terminology.   This diligence, focus, and technical know-how enables the reporter to deliver an instant, verbatim record at near-perfect accuracy.

dicta model-01_edited.jpg
steno cloud.png

The more terminology relevant to the case that gets entered in the reporter’s dictionary, the better the realtime product will be.  This is one of the many reasons court reporting agencies ask for case-related materials in advance of the proceedings.  The more technical the case, the greater the value of these materials and the more we would like you to send.  Any previous transcripts in the case, a list of witnesses to be questioned, the Statement of Claim, Statement of Defence, expert reports, case citations, etc., are all extremely important preparation materials to ensure quality realtime is provided. 

Please contact our office for more information

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